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Monday, March 14, 2011

Hungry for Light?

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but this blog hasn't been updated for a long time. My excuse is low energy and some negative feelings about winter: this winter has been exceptionally dark. The lack of light, the many days in a row of overcast skies would put me in the poor house if my living depended on writing.

Have any of you also been hungry for light? You know how we sometimes say things are as different as night from day? Night's not so bad. Night is supposed to be dark. The lack of light in daytime is something else.

St. Francis sang a Canticle to the Creatures, beginning with gratitude for Brother Sun. He must have longed to see light even more than I do: he was blind when he wrote:

Be praised, my Lord, by all your creature world,
and first of all by Brother Sun,
who brings the day and light you give to us through him.
And beautiful he is, agleam with mighty splendor;
of you, Most High, he gives us indication!

1 comment:

Theresa said...

Yes jan, I am indeed hungry for the light - in so many ways. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful quote and thank you for being you.
You are dearly loved!