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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deep Bonds Help Navigate

Change is both exciting and terrifying. I experienced both feelings during our delegate assembly meetings in Little Falls last week. Our Franciscan Community forsees a future marked by fewer members and fewer material resources. We've been preparing for these changes; this meeting helps us continue to prepare for them. We understand being small and poor is not a bad outlook for Franciscans following Christ. The trust in the assembly room was tangible even though we don't have all the answers.

One resource I became more deeply aware of as I looked over the gathered congregation in our chapel is just how powerful is the gift of our relationship with each other: these women are as truly sister to me as are my own blood family members. We are siblings in the best sense of the word. Our history is filled with shared experiences of life, death and finding the way through previous large changes. I know we can count on our relationship with each other to help us faithfully navigate the changes yet to come.

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Michelle said...

Dear Jan,
Thank you for your reflections on our meetings in Little Falls. I agree that change can be both exciting and terrifying. I'm grateful, however, that we don't need to go through it alone. What a gift to be able to 'sister' one another into the future in meaningful ways that also contributes to the common good. How can we share the good news of mutual respect and collective decisionmaking as a resource for state, national and international dis-ease, differences, and stalemates at this time in history? Let us continue on, one step of time, into the discovery of how to move forward.