Written by Sister Jan Kilian, this blog will give an understanding of what it’s like to be Franciscan. Living out the spirit of Saint Francis, we see all God’s creation as brother and sister. We, Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, are committed to building relationships and community, ministering wherever there is greatest need, promoting justice and healing Mother Earth’s wounds. My writings will give a glimpse of the compassion, spirituality, interconnectedness and goodness of living Franciscan.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Worth Saying Again: CONGRATS,Earth Citizens!

October 10, 2010 was a significant day for all citizens of Earth. People gathered in 6,600 places in 188 countries on 10/10/10 to strengthen their resolve to address our human role in climate change. These gatherings prepare us for the United Nations Environmental Conference to be held in Cancun, Mexico beginning 11/29/10. We Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls (FSLF) marked the day with awards for 7 of our Associates, Employees and Sisters who motivate us to appreciate the gift of creation by their particularly bright examples. (See the post by Jeff Odendahl, Coordinator of our Franciscan Sisters JPIC Office http://www.fslf.org/pages/justice,peaceandintegrityofcreation/) Jennifer Basch, Jim Vogel and Sister Janice Wiechman were present to receive their awards. Four other recipients were not able to be present. See the JPIC website for full descriptions.

Geri Dietz, Coordinator for the Office for Franciscan Associates and Connie Lacher, another Franciscan Associate, were two members of the Earth Healers group who presented the awards on behalf of the Franciscan Community. Others Earth Healer group members include Jeff Odendahl, and Sisters Carolita Mauer,Bernice Rieland, Janice Welle and Carol Schmit.

In the names of the 7 recipients of the Earth Citizen award, a donation was made to Give Us Wings. Give us Wings was chosen for the donation because of work they do in Kenya and Uganda to bring potable water to people who are burdened with illnesses and deaths caused by lack of clean water. See http://www.giveuswings.org/

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