Written by Sister Jan Kilian, this blog will give an understanding of what it’s like to be Franciscan. Living out the spirit of Saint Francis, we see all God’s creation as brother and sister. We, Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, are committed to building relationships and community, ministering wherever there is greatest need, promoting justice and healing Mother Earth’s wounds. My writings will give a glimpse of the compassion, spirituality, interconnectedness and goodness of living Franciscan.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Springtime Bonfire

Oh, the pleasure of a bonfire on a spring evening! Our firepit south of the Wellness Center hosts a few groups this time of the year. Our friendship group of women (called the Prudence Group) gathered there for the Spring Equinox this week. Another group we enjoy being with is our confirmation students from St. Ignatius parish in Annandale. These 10th-graders spend a little time in quiet (really!) solitude walks in the labyrinth and woods and then gather for faith sharing and snacks around the outside fire in hopes of kindling the fire of God's Spirit in their hearts. They do as much to re-kindle the fire in our hearts as we can ever do for them.

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