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Monday, May 4, 2009

Church-door Dining Room Table

by Sister Jan Kilian

I’ve noticed a line in the post-Easter gospels this year that hadn’t struck me before: “. . . the doors being shut . . . , Jesus came to them.” Shut church doors have a particular significance in our house: Clare’s Well dining room table is made out of abandoned church doors rescued from a dumpster. I have attached a photo of this sturdy table crafted by Sister Aggie’s brother-in-law, Floyd Mader. I photographed a seemingly empty table, which is not empty at all but rather immersed in twenty-plus years of stories of guests who dine with us and pour their hearts out to others around this church-remnant table.

“The doors being shut” is still a painful reality for many diners who would like to participate in church services if only they were welcome in today’s churches. “Jesus took bread and gave it to them.” “They knew him in the breaking of the bread.” “Peace.” Our dining room table is an open church door where all are welcome and shared stories restore life. Jesus continues to come in, break bread, and restore peace.

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Kathleen said...

You said it, Jan. That is one wonderful table that's heard a great deal from this guest. I don't think I've heard story before; how is that possible? I will treasure my time around the table all the more. Along with hearing my favorite words: "keep your fork!"
(ps: I LOVE your posts!!!)