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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Un sueño hecho realidad -- A dream made manifest

by Sister Michelle L'Allier

Liminal space...I am musing about dreams while flying in-between two worlds, traveling from Monterrey, Mexico back to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I can still hear the resonance of English and Spanish morning and evening prayers at our Mexico Mission in San Rafael, bringing together teenage students, seasoned Sisters and inquiring young adults. Sisters Carolyn Law, Mary Obowa and I were blessed to join our Sisters who live and minister in San Rafael when Isabel Berrones Morales was received as a postulant in our community.

Isabel lives with Sisters Mary Dumonceaux, Pat Forster, Colette Toenies, and Janice Wiechman as she continues to discern her call to religious life. Together these women attend to parish pastoral work and walk with 14 young women from outlying rural villages who live with the Sisters so they can complete their middle and senior high studies. These young people receive spiritual and leadership formation as well as support for their studies. Both Sister Aurora Tovar, now a novice, and Isabel, our new postulant, joined our Sisters initially as lay missioners who wanted to serve. They followed their hearts and were drawn to further explore a possible call to be a Franciscan Sister.

How has this all happened? Two years ago it was but a dream to be able to provide adequate housing in San Rafael for Sisters, students and women discerning religious life. The small convent at the parish was overcrowded, and now thanks to many donors and collaborators, our new casa is nearing completion. Seeing the dream become manifest leads me to ponder anew: what is it that brings dreams to reality?

Whether the youth desiring to study, Sister Aurora and Isabel responding to yearnings deep within, or our Sisters in San Rafael seeking to respond to unmet needs--all listened to their heart's desires, all trusted in God's providence and had the courage to step out in faith. The convent doors are now open, a home for dreams to continue to unfold!

May each of us listen deeply to the dreams we are called to birth, responding to bring into being God's Big Dream of Peace and Good for all!

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