Written by Sister Jan Kilian, this blog will give an understanding of what it’s like to be Franciscan. Living out the spirit of Saint Francis, we see all God’s creation as brother and sister. We, Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, are committed to building relationships and community, ministering wherever there is greatest need, promoting justice and healing Mother Earth’s wounds. My writings will give a glimpse of the compassion, spirituality, interconnectedness and goodness of living Franciscan.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sister Carolyn Law

Let me introduce myself….My name is Carolyn Law and I have been a Franciscan for 28 years. I have experience in pastoral ministry, teaching, and missionary work. Currently, I live and minister in Chicago as a counselor and energy healer.

I came to Chicago in 1994 to train in bioenergetic analysis, a body-based approach to psychotherapy. I also completed a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University. Last year, I completed a certification in Holographic Memory Resolution and this year I am studying Brain Integration Technique.

These later two approaches build on the foundation of my therapeutic approach. I love bringing healing to those who are hurting from life’s wounds and from trauma. Francis and Clare were healers and a cornerstone of their beginnings was their ministering to lepers. I bring Franciscan joy and hope to those I serve. I also have a certain niche because given my values and the support of my community, I am able to offer lower fees than many therapists require.

I am very excited about the Brain Integration training. In March 2008 I took the introduction and have already spent many hours practicing the initial technique. In September 2008 I will participate in a two week training to acquire the rest of the protocol. I became interested in it when I realized that the technique not only helps people with learning disabilities but will also greatly help those who have trouble processing emotional information.

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